1. Welcome home, sister

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    Go follow Justin Kirkland (@justinkirkland4) on twitter rn. This is the best parody ever.

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    This is a photo of the best and worst purchase I have ever made in my life. It is a kotatsu. For those of you unfamiliar, a kotatsu is a Japanese heated table. The top of the table comes off, you put a blanket on in the cold seasons, and then put the table top back on. There are small space heaters underneath the whole table and when you stick your feet under there, it’s a toasty oven of pure bliss. It’s great on heating bills because I don’t turn on my heat, just my kotatsu. It’s the best and the worst purchase because it’s fucking awesome yet it’s so awesome I never want to leave the thing and end up missing school because who the fuck wants to get out from under a toasty oven of pure bliss? Not this bitch. My advice to you, is that you should totally get a kotatsu but only if you have the will power and self control to not get trapped under there. It’s so addicting, I even sleep under it sometimes…

    i am so getting a kotatsu

    I will own one…one day.

    aw shit i want one

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    Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon - Act 42 [x]

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    Teen schools the United States government, boom. 

    The Federal and State Governments switching to Garamond from Times would save $400 million of taxpayer money annually

    And a fourteen year old figured this out

    this is the funniest thing in the world

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    I finally finished genderbending some of my favorite disney girls ^———^

    I’m not proud of some of those though…

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    Anime: Kill la Kill, Episode 24

    Gamagoori taking for Mako

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    Think you’d seen the last of Nui?

    Think again.

    EDIT: the backpack has the shape of Nui’s eyepatch. The backpack has the shape of Nui’s eyepatch.


  15. I originally only wanted to do one gif…


    …but I got way too carried away. Oops.

    I originally wanted to just do Senketsu opening his other eye. Well, enjoy anyways.

    Here’s a cute ending pic first because it’s super cute anyways.

    And now on to the actual gifs!

    [Higher-res imgur album here]